Delphi Freeman is an American band from San Francisco that has a “genre-less” sound accompanied by the captivating vocals of Delphi and her two brothers bassist James and percussionist Luke. The band’s music is influenced by an eclectic list of legendary music makers and songwriters that range from Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Matt Thiessen, Alanis Morissette, and Chris Martin of Coldplay. The band strives to be lyrically and musically imaginative and meaningful using classic rock instrumentation with electronic effects which can be heard on their experimental album “Audio Cinema” released May 2017. The three members of DELPHI are a family of producers and creatives who are individually and equally talented and together form a promising and powerhouse band with endless inspiration to bring something superlatively innovative and transcendentally fresh to the modern music scene.  

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Welcome to what I am hoping to be my weekly blog, Melodious Musezine. I have so much to share with you and I hope that this will give you an insight to who I am and how I became a singer-songwriter, recording artist, music producer, and musician. I’ve got a lot of stories to tell about the inspiration, struggles, victories, and experiences I’ve encountered beginning as a busker on the streets of San Francisco and at that awesome chocolaty place Ghirardelli Square. If you’re curious how and why I began this journey, follow my blog and hopefully you will come to know more about me, the band, and what dreams we are chasing! Thanks for following and for taking interest in my work and life. Everything’s better with good chocolate so let’s get started!

Contact Information for booking and collaboration

Karen Lyford: [email protected] 707.688.3853

Delphi Freeman P.O. Box 151451San Rafael, CA94915